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World Clock
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World Clock

What is it?

World clock is an application that tells you the time in different parts of the world. It will also automatically calculate the day light saving and apply it where necessary.

Screen Shots from the small version

Wood Theme wood Silver Theme City Search

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Screen Shots from the large version

Wood Theme Silver Theme


  • NEW! Up to 4 cities displayed at anyone one time.
  • NEW! Cycle through the cites one at a time for faster scrolling.
  • NEW! Large digital theme and its inverse for reduced power consumption of devices.
  • Times in over 200 major cities.
  • Automatic day light saving changes.
  • Different themes.
  • 24 or 12 hour clock.
  • Two versions, one for smaller devices (less than 100x100) and one for larger screens (minimum of 160x160 required). Gives more detailed clock images if your device can display them.
  • Preferences are saved for when you next start the application.
  • Manual overide of the clock to compensate for device errors.
  • It was my intention to enabled multiple langauge support for this application, although this has not been done at the present time. If this is something that you would like to see please email me and I will increase its current low priority.

Help Needed

I have tried to include as many cities as I can but I am sure that I have missed many important ones out. I am sorry for this but if you email me with the cities you would like (click here ) I will batch up the changes and apply them as soon as I can. Thank you for your understanding. I would also appreciate any nice clock images that I can use as new themes, please send me the URL through the Contact us page. You can also check our new app that we build for booking Kryolipolyse in München for Joveoderm clinic.Thank you.


If you World Clock and would like to help to keep it going please make a donation by clicking here:

The amount is very small, only 2.00 and it would really help. Thank you.

Device Compatibility

To find out if your device is compatible goto the following site. It has a list of all known Java enabled devices and their compatibilities.
  • Java enabled phone (MIDP1.0 CLDC 1.0).
  • Small version should work with any device although not all the themes will be viewable.
  • Large version requires a device viewing area of at least 160 x 160.


Although I have tested this application as much as I can it may still have bugs in it. I expect no responsibility or liability for any damage that this application may cause. The data is not guaranteed to be accurate and may sometimes by unavailable. Its basically sold as seen.

Mobile Installation Instructions

The easiest way to install is via the WAP site, which contains links to all the J2ME applications. Enter the following URL onto your phone and choose the application you want to install.

The other way of installing is to directly enter the following URL into your device via the Services menu option or something similar. You will be asked whether you wish to accept the file onto your device, enter yes and the application will be installed. for the smaller version and for the larger version.

Palm Pilot Installation Instructions

The large version looks good on a Palm pilot (I have tested it on a Tungsten C and it looks nice).

To install on a Palm 5.0 device first you need the IBM Java VM installed onto your palm device. Next download and install (HotSync) the following file: Clock.prc